Elisa Ohtake’s first play is a blatant evocation of the world’s infinitness, a performatic plunge into cultural paths that connect Brazil’s backlands and Japan. The play Apathy evokes states of intense imagination. Apathy as provocative counterpoint is not introduced to the audience until the play’s final five minutes, thus cutting across any kind of complacent ending.

Concept, director, actor, writer, set, sound and lighting designer: Elisa Ohtake
Actor, writer, set, sound and lighting designer, set builder: Cesar Resende
Video: Lia Chaia
Light and sound operator: Ricardo Gelli
Producer: Elisa Ohtake

“Both are really impressive performers. Elisa Ohtake even more, for her equally competent stage work, from play concept to her multiple roles as director, lighting designer and sound designer. The congregation of all these talents turn Apathy into an irresistible attraction. A profuse flow of ideas drives out apathy and stimulate reflection on cultural interchanges. Butoh is not butoh, the countryside is not only Brazil’s barren backlands, apathy is not apathy. They seem more like states of existence that may be found not only in places and formats with which they are usually associated, but away from them too. First and foremost, everything is irreversibly blurred, invaded, contaminated: cleanliness and dirtiness, proximity and contemplation, small gesture and large object. A huge gift for Brazilian dance and theater.”

Helena Katz - O Estado de S. Paulo