Take My Breath Away is absolutely smart, united group, harmonic, delicious text and extraordinary concept, anti-everything, anti-virtuose, anti-expressive, excellent humor, brilliant.”
Agnaldo Farias, curador of 23rd Sao Paulo Bienal

"Elisa Ohtake is inventing an approach to stage performance that might be called 'a different logic of dramaturgy'. There is an inversion here: instead of dramaturgy developing by dealing with existing materials or new ones especially created for the occasion, here it emerges as invention, as a way of thinking the performing arts, all of them. It may be applied to dance, theater or other art forms that share the same setting. The most instigating part begins there: How may the same logic be unfolded in different artistic situations? Elisa has devised such a novel approach to directing that she has to create her own crafts – namely, in both cases, writing and narration. But the foundational characteristic of her approach is the fact that this logic may exist totally independent from its constituents, while being fully dependent on the craftwork of those who will be giving it a body. In the same measure as the weight of materials diminishes, so do performers take on key importance. Danilo Grangheia, Georgette Fadel, Luah Guimarãez, Luciana Schwinden and Rodrigo Bolzan show competence to spare in Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye. Only a total mastery of stage craft – shown by each of them in their own way – could keep them from falling in the subtle trap of actors becoming their own characterization. Allowing theatrical craft to take the leading role in every scene, they successfully harness the power of ambiguity without lapsing into representation of irony."
O Estado de S. Paulo — 13/12/2014

"Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye is about life. Being about life means it's about theater too: a happening, a tribute. The play / performance directed by Elisa Ohtake provokes five experienced actors from São Paulo's theater to act in the “last play of their lives”. It proposes a dramaturgical logic that involves innovative strategies for creation, testing them in real time, extending outside the stage boundaries and using the presence of actors to place theater itself at the center. It addresses drama as object of actors’ passion, and their farewell to this love. Love is love and farewells are farewells. These two affectations move and transform the scene and the audience."
Gazeta do Povo - Curitiba — 01/04/2015

“A spectacle that few will be able to fully share. For those who are actors. However, it is a spectacle for the many too. For those with a thirst for knowledge. A thirst for art. For those who want to rekindle a light. Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye is an ode to theater, the theater of Ideas, a profound idea within a text that is recreated in the presence of the actor-character.”
Curitiba Theater Festival — 02/05/2015

“This is a play about theater in which actors — from among the best experimental groups in São Paulo — pretend they are bidding farewell to the stage.”
Folha de S. Paulo — 19/11/2014

Take My Breath Away delivers what it promises: it is hard not to be in a breath-taking state of awe that is brought about by the viewing of scenes, one more exciting than the other. Elisa Ohtake and her amazing team of five assistants produce a gleaming sequence of awesome, fun, and provocative propositions. If it were necessary to identify them, the tag would be “displacement”, given their resulting from a legitimate present-day production. Ohtake’s performances bring together a bit of theater, pop world, visual arts, one-man show, standup comedy, all cooked in a broth of established references and, of course, dance. Matters pertaining to the performing arts are all there, lined up and smiling to / laughing at us: authoring, collaboration, representation, narrative, presence, crowd, expressiveness, things that separate modern from contemporary, biography, relationship between warm-up exercises and performance, etc."
O Estado de S. Paulo — 20/02/2014

“I had heard from friends that this was a real find in performance. And delightful it was, indeed. False Spectacle is intelligent, fun, audacious. It is always on the verge of inconsistency, rejecting spectacle but dodging all the prat falls or “artistic disasters” that performance itself sets up. As mentioned, it swings from impossible to possible and back. Playful but not at all naive, it knows what it is doing by playing on real and false in ‘everything’.”
Cacilda Theater Blog — 10/11/2007

"False Spectacle is a self-assumed bluff in the Futurist or Dada tradition of disruption. Like Duchamp taking a urinal to be displayed at a museum, Ohtake has the candor of children showing off to visitors, exposed to all ridicule; those who least expect it will find her intelligence contagious.”
Folha de S. Paulo — 05/11/2007

“Celebration of uncertainty” as its creator Elisa Ohtake says, or paean to precariousness, False Spectacle is a fine example of the opportunities open to the performing arts in this post-modern age. Turning away from the Enlightenment and from Cartesian determinism, our own everyday bankruptcy may be confronted without intellectual shame or existential fear. False Spectacle's three performers seem to be proclaiming “We are fallible, thank God!” – and taking an almost sensual delight in doing so.”
Sebastião Milaré - Anta Profana (electronic review)

“A forceful and competent discussion of issues usually posed by thinkers interested in explaining the complexity of life, such as Spinoza, Prigogine or Deleuze. (..) The audacious proposition of perceiving that we live in an ‘in- between’ state of total simultaneity between joyful doubt and hellish uncertainty. Each deliberate intonation, gesture or movement weaves a succession of surprises. Perhaps the greatest of them is that such complex issues have been so seductively organized.”
O Estado de S. Paulo — 06/02/2007


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